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Bylaws of TNG-CWA Local 31167

(AMENDED 5/15/03)


Local 31167 TNG BY-LAWS

ARTICLE I - Structure

Section 1(a) The membership meeting of the Local shall be the supreme authority of the Local.

Section 2(a) Between general meetings of the Local, its governing body shall be the Executive Committee, which shall administer affairs, but it shall make no decision permanently establishing the general policies of the Local.

 Section 3(a) Shop Units shall exercise only those functions and powers specifically granted by the TNG Constitution and these By-Laws.

ARTICLE II - Membership Meetings

Section 1(a) Regular meetings of the membership shall be held quarterly, the specific time and place to be set by the Executive Committee. The Annual Meeting shall be held in December.

Section 2 (a) The Secretary shall give not less than five days’ notice by mail to the membership in advance of every meeting; except that in an emergency the Executive Committee may call a special meeting on two days’ notice. No motion to reverse or review previous decisions of the membership or Executive Committee shall be acted upon unless it shall have been contained in the notice of the meeting. The Secretary shall include in the meeting notice any motion from 5 or more members of an intention to move for such a review or reversal.

Section 3(a) A special membership meeting shall be called by the Secretary on instructions of the Executive Committee, or on a written petition signed by not fewer than 10 per cent of the membership in good standing at the time of the filing of the petition, or a request from any Unit (or Units) properly voted at a quorum meeting of the Unit (or Units).

Section 4(a) At any meeting the presence of 20 members in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

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ARTICLE III – Executive Committee

Section 1(a) The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Local officers and elected Unit delegates at the rate of one delegate from each Unit.

Section 2(a) The Executive Committee shall meet within two weeks after the Annual Membership Meeting and every month thereafter.

Section 3(a) Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called by the Chair or by the Secretary-Treasurer upon written request of three members.

Section 4(a) A quorum at any meeting of the Executive Committee shall consist of not less than 3 members.

Section 5(a) The Executive Committee shall supervise the handling of all Local funds except for payments of a strictly routine nature. Checks shall be valid only when signed by the Treasurer.

                 (b) The Executive Committee shall have general direction of all Local officers.

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ARTICLE IV - Duties of Officers

Section 1(a) The President shall preside at all membership meetings and at meetings of the Executive Committee and he shall supervise other officers in the exercise of their respective duties. He shall sign all membership cards.

Section 2(a) The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer.

Section 3(a) The Secretary shall be the custodian of the Local’s records other than financial, shall conduct routine correspondence of the Local other than financial, and such other correspondence as may be directed by the Executive Committee and the Local; shall keep accurate Minutes of membership meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee.

Section 4(a) The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Local under the direction of the Executive Committee, except that no  authorization shall be required for routine office expenses, and routine transmission of International funds to the TNG. He shall report on the Local’s finances at all regular meetings of the Local, and whenever called upon by the Executive Committee or the Local and shall present his accounts for audit at any time the Executive Committee of the Local desires. The Treasurer shall keep complete and accurate records of the membership, their addresses and dues standing. He shall be responsible for the application in the Local of the financial provisions of The TNG Constitution and of these By-Laws, acting through Unit Treasurers in the case of members of Units, shall issue to Unit Treasurers membership cards for persons admitted to membership, as well as dues and assessment stamps, and other routine supplies, required for their work. He shall be bonded in a sum to be setannually by the Executive Committee.

Section 5(a) Compensation for Officers of Local 31167 are as follows:

President - Dues paid and $150 month

Vice President - Dues paid and $150 month

Secretary - Dues paid and $150 month

Treasurer - Dues paid and $150 month

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ARTICLE V – Elections

Section 1(a) The officers of the Local shall be elected annually by secret ballot membership referendum.

Section 2(a) Nomination of officers shall be received from the floor at the regular meeting of the Guild next preceding, by not less than 30 days, the Annual Election. The notice of meeting for the Nomination Meeting shall state that nominations of officers shall be made at the meeting. Not less than 15 days prior to the election, the Secretary shall mail to the home address of each member a list of the qualified candidates, together with notice of the time and place of election.

Section 3(a) In the event that at the time of the Annual Election there is only one candidate for any one post, his name shall be left off the ballot and he shall be declared elected without vote. In the event there are more than two candidates, a majority of those voting shall be required to elect.

Section 4(a) Al1 officers shall take office at the Annual Meeting and shall hold office until the next annual meeting.

Section 5(a) Delegates and Alternates to the International Convention of the TNG shall be nominated from the floor and elected by secret ballot at the regular membership meeting in April, which shall also determine the number to be elected. In the event that the number of candidates exceeds the number of delegates and alternates to be elected, the meeting may defer the election and make provision for a special election by secretballot cast on not less than 15 days’ notice to the membership. The number of candidates to be elected and receiving the highest votes in the election shall be declared elected. Delegates shall have their necessary expenses to the Convention paid by the Local.

Section 6(a) Vacancies in the post of Local officers shall be filed by the Executive Committee, but the members so designated shall hold office only until the next membership meeting of the Local for which proper notice can be given.

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Section 1(a) Each Unit shall receive nominations for, and elect annual1y by secret ballot, at a meeting in the month following the Annual Membership Meeting of the Local, a Unit Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer and Unit delegates to the Local Executive Committee. Unit delegates shall be certified to the Executive Committee by the Unit Treasurer.

                (b) Notice of the meeting for the nomination and election of Unit officers and delegates to the Local Executive Committee, including nominations and elections to fill vacancies under Article VI, Section 3 (a) shall be mailed to each member of the Unit at his home address no less than 15 days before the meeting. The notice shall state that nominations will be received and election held for the Unit officers and Unit delegates to the Local Executive Committee up for election, and shall specify the time and place of the meeting.

Section 2(a) The Unit Treasurer under the direction of the Treasurer of the Local shall have charge of the execution of the fiscal provisions of the TNG Constitution and these By-Laws as they apply to the members of his Unit.

Section 3(a) vacancies in the posts of Unit officers or delegates to the Local Executive Committee shall be filled by nomination and a Unit election by secret ballot at the next meeting for which proper notice can be given. Notice of such meeting shall be given in accordance with Section 1 (b).

Section 4(a) Unit election disputes shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

Section 5(a) Each Unit shall file promptly after each Unit meeting a copy of the Minutes of the Unit meeting with the Local Secretary.

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ARTICLE VII - Membership

Section 1(a) An applicant for membership shall submit his application to the Executive Committee of his Local, and final action upon any application shall be by the Executive Committee, subject to appeal as provided in the TNG Constitution.

Section 2(a) Good standing requirements of the TNG Constitution in respect to dues shall apply equally to initiation fee payments under Article X Section 2, of these By-Laws.

Section 3(a) Reinstatement fees shall be set by the Local Executive Committee.

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ARTICLE VIII - Collective Bargaining

Section 1(a) Negotiators in collective bargaining on behalf of the Local or any of its Units shall be selected by the Executive Committee. The negotiations shall be open to members of the Unit.

Section 2(a) Any Agreement arrived at in negotiations shall be submitted to the membership of the Unit or Units concerned for approval. Before signing, it shall require ratification also by the Executive Committee of the Local.

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ARTICLE IX - Discipline

Section 1(a) Discipline under these By-Laws shall be governed by the TNG Constitution under Article XII and Article XIII.

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ARTICLE X - Dues and Assessments

Section 1(a) Dues shall be paid monthly and graduated in accordance with the wages of members as outlined in the mode1 dues schedule of the TNG.

                  (b)For unemployed members, they shall be $10 per month. For associate members, they shall be $2 per year.

Section 2(a) Each applicant admitted to membership shall pay an initiation fee of $3 and one month’s dues.

Section 3(a) The rates of dues and initiation fee set forth in Article X, Sections 1 and 2 may be increased only by majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing at a regular or special meeting, notice of which, given in accordance with Article II Section 2 (a) shall state the intent to vote upon such question at the meeting.

Section 4(a) The Local may, by majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing at a membership meeting, levy an assessment of not more than $1 per member per week. Notice of intent to vote upon the proposed assessment shall be contained in the notice of the meeting, given under Article II, Section 2 (a), at which it is proposed such action shall be taken.

Section 5(a) All monies collected on behalf of or in the name of the Local, except those collected for the TNG or another Branch of the TNG, shall be the property of the Local.

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ARTICLE XI - Referendum

Section 1(a) Any matter to be decided by the Local may be submitted to a Referendum of the membership by either the Local or the Executive Committee and shall be submitted to such a referendum upon a petition signed by not less than 10 per cent of the membership in good standing at the time of the filing of the petition.

Section 2(a) Provisions for the holding of a referendum shall be made by the Executive Committee, and may take the form of a vote by mail or a vote in person at designated Polling places or a combination of both. No ballot shall be mailed to a member not in good standing at the time of the mailing of the ballots, and all members shall be given fifteen days’ notice in advance of any referendum by mail.

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ARTICLE XII - Amendments

Section 1(a) These By-Laws may be amended by any membership meeting upon submission of the proposed amendment by the Executive Committee on its own motion or by petition signed by not less than 20 percent of the membership in good standing. Such proposed amendment shall be mailed to the membership not less than ten days prior to the meeting, with notice of the time and place of the meeting.

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ARTICLE XIII - Interpretations

Section 1(a) These By-Laws shall be interpreted by the Executive Committee subject to appeal to the membership meeting, to the IEB and the next International Convention of the TNG. Questions of procedure not covered by the TNG Constitution, Convention decision, or these By-Laws shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order (75th Anniversary Edition)

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